the ultimate guide to travel on a budget

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if you know how to manage your money, travelling to exotic locations doesn't have to be expensive and you don't necessarily need to spend a fortune to explore the world! we've put together some tips to help you organise a vacation on a tight budget. check it out now!

stick to a budget 

set a spending limit when you organise your trip. you can decide whether you want a weekend getaway, a lengthy vacation, or a backpacking trip based on this. now identify potential locations and the expected period of stay.

stay in hostels

you can meet a lot of people who share your level of enthusiasm for travel and adventure by staying in hostels while saving money at the same time. over time, you'll form your own group of fellow travellers and be able to explore many more places together. nowadays, you can find a hostel in practically every tourist attraction in india. if there aren't any hostels nearby, you can choose to stay in inexpensive local guest houses.

make online deals

utilize online websites since they can negotiate a lower price due to the volume of sales and maintain transaction transparency. you receive a greater discount when you book flights, accommodations, and activities together.

book hotels in advance

you may easily get up to 60% off hotel stays if you make your reservations months in advance. read the reviews of a hotel before making a reservation so you can properly understand its hospitality and vibe.

discover local cuisines 

eating local cuisine allows you to experience the most genuine taste while saving money for budget travel. instead of going to a posh restaurant or cafe when eating locally, pick a local market and look for some clean and hygienic stalls.

travel off-season 

the off-season is a great time to book your trip to save a massive amount of money. the number of tourists increases throughout the travel season, filling up hotels and hostels, which drives up the cost of not only lodging but also of meals and private transportation. while organising a low-cost vacation, this will prove to be the wisest choice ever.

travel by local transportation 

using local transportation is the ideal way to get to know and understand a city because it is inexpensive and a common form of transportation for locals in every city. not every destination you visit offers the convenience of a cab service. to save money for a day's lunch, you can drop the cab ride and take the local bus instead.

happy traveling, folks! have fun and live aastey!