the road to sustainability goes through gender equality

hey tribe!

it’s a special occasion. we are celebrating women’s day this whole week!!!

we want to recognise the importance of this day because it’s not just about celebrating women but about how it affects the world as a whole; it’s because women empowerment directly impacts economies, climate change, and health care.

source: burcu köleli for un women (2022)

gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

the united nations has announced that the theme of this year’s international women’s day is to recognise the contributions of women and girls around the world innovating to fight climate change and build a sustainable future. in the last year alone, we have seen the severe consequences of the rising extreme weather events due to climate change. worryingly, marginalised and poorer communities bear the brunt of this impact due to inadequate infrastructure and fewer resources for climate mitigation.

what is the role of women in creating a sustainable future?

research shows that women might be one of the most vulnerable groups who will be most impacted by climate change, as they constitute the world’s majority of poor because of discriminatory practises and cultural and social norms. in many countries, women are not even allowed to own land. on the flip side, women are also astounding leaders and change-makers when it comes to climate adaptation. greta thunberg comes to mind. women all across the world are becoming important voices in creating change. this needs to become the priority of this decade because, without gender equality, there can be no future, much less a sustainable one.

women deliver, a leading global advocate of gender equality, states that women are the best bet in fighting the climate. investing in women-led initiatives is the only way to improve water scarcity and ensure sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. women are leading the march toward a more sustainable future, from encouraging crop diversification in nicaragua to utilising local knowledge in crop production.

let’s hope this pledge is the beginning of a journey for a better tomorrow.

until next time, start a conversation on gender equality.

live sustainable. live aastey.