Christmas might be all about family and reunions, but it can always be a great time to huddle with your family and spook yourself with the perfect horror movie.

so, dabble a little bit on the Christmas horror side and we are obviously ready with a recommendation list for you! just take your pick.

black Christmas

well, people, the name does try to warn you of whats coming.  because here, Christmas gets as dark as it can. the movie has the perfect horror campy vibe and will be a great fit for a friend’s reunion. it’s a classic slasher with all the holiday creepy vibes! check this one out for sure.


This is an anthology series that covers all of the holidays, and it doesn't get any spookier than this. out the Christmas one, and you will not regret picking this one for your weekend night.

jack frost

this one is another classic, folks! if you haven’t watched this one yet, then you are just in for a treat, the titular character, jack frost becomes frostier when he turns into a snowman. you will definitely not see the cute snowman on your porch the same way again.

tim burton’s the nightmare before Christmas

its tim burton! does anyone need to say more than that? This classic Christmas-halloween musical mashup is a must-watch on our list. it’s a magical fantasy story that will transport you to a realm of surrealism that you will not want to leave.

silent night. deadly night

well get ready for a crazy ride if you pick this one. because santa’s here and your silent night is going to turn into a scary one as this Christmas slasher unfolds on your tv screen. don’t make your kids watch If you want them to remember santa as the good-natured, well meaning gift-giver.

so, we hope you have a perfect weekend with these spooky movie recommendations. don’t forget to turn off your lights.

merry Christmas and live aastey!