bold and daring. sexy and elegant. chic and comfortable. these are the words frequently used for describing the K-pop aesthetic and feel. The influence of Korean popular culture is not lost on anyone.

so let’s look at the rise of the Korean wave and how it is taking over pop culture and the fashion world at the same time. after all shows like crash landing on you and it’s okay to not be okay have become fan favourites in India.

What is the Korean wave?

for those who are not familiar with the words Oppa, Hallyu, or K-pop, let’s take a dive in. the concept of the Korean wave, also referred to as Hallyu, is the widespread cultural influence of Korean pop culture and entertainment globally. we all remember the crazy Gangnam-style dance moves that suddenly broke the internet in 2012. that was the beginning of a cultural shift that none of us realized would take over the world in the next decade. today, k-drama, k-pop, k-beauty, and k-fashion have become buzzwords.

the unconventional fashion world of k-pop

coloured hair, unusual colours, bold prints, male make-up and accessories, plaid open skirts, shorts and flashy jackets. the unconventional choices and a knack to disregard gender stereotypes of femineity and masculinity are characteristics that make fashion experts around the world feel that the k-fever will continue to dominate fashion trends in the coming years. even the whirlwind success of the K-pop band BTS (please check them out if you haven't already) was in part because of their sexy chic style portfolio.

with the revival of the 90s and the 2000s, the millennials and the gen z across the world are getting more and more into k-fever and India is not very far behind. In recent years, India has seen the rise of Korean influence with baggy streetwear outfits, crop tops, pleated skirts and oversized cardigans. the cult following of bands like BLACKPINK and K-drama lovers has led to the contemporary Korean wave in India. This has not been lost on the Indian fashion industry. 

one of the very first markers of korean influence you can see in the industry is the rise of comfort wear along with the acceptance of gender-neutral clothing. k-pop fashion is all about ease and comfort with experimenting colours.

here are some of the Korean fashion trends that could be here to stay.

denim baggy jeans

Deepika Padukone rocking the look in denim jeans

go for the slouchy look with baggy or loose fit denim jeans. tuck them in your boots or pair them up with some stylish sneakers and your chic Korean look is complete.

pleated skirts

 these trendsetting tennis or pleated skirts are a regular of the cult-favourite BLACKPINK’s wardrobe on-stage that has made it an absolute favourite for their fans, especially when the band’s members love wearing them off-stage as well.

cute crop tops

as Korean fashion becomes less and less conservative, crop tops with cute and bold prints have become a major trend. pair a cute crop top with oversized denim for the perfect look. top it off with a bucket hat you are ready to take on the Korean wave.


ankle-length pants

another trend that has made it to the top of the list are ankle-length pants. as their name suggests, these pants end at your upper ankles and go great in the warm season. they will go well with sandals or open shoes and can go with loose or tight tops.


oversized t-shirts to oversized everything 

with the pandemic, comfort has become key. but even before that, Korean women were sporting boxy oversized tops to oversized sweaters to hide their form. this trend has become more and more popular with the gen z going for more shapeless wear. if you want to be cute while being effortless, then try this on.                                                                                                 

so, there you go. these are the trends that we think you should keep a lookout for in the coming months. don’t forget to tell us your favourite Korean inspired look by tagging us @liveaastey.

take care and live aastey!