the best hot chocolate recipe for celebrating chocolate day

happy chocolate day tribe!

it’s the world chocolate day and we absolutely love it. we asked some of you on what you want to do today and many of you said a resounding yes for chilling at home and making hot chocolate for the day.

now, we love that idea so here’s the perfect hot chocolate recipe that we often enjoy when we want to get cosy. enjoy!


what you need

  •       unsweetened cocoa powder
  •       chocolate
  •       milk or heavy cream
  •       vanilla extract
  •       granulated sugar

time to make it

step 1- get a saucepan and whisk together the sugar and cocoa powder. after properly whisking it, add milk and chocolate chunks.

step 2- add vanilla extract to the mixture and place the saucepan on medium heat until steaming starts. make sure you keep whisking or your chocolate will start burning.

step 3- once its properly mixed, leave it for a while till it gets to the desired temperature you need.

finally, serve it with your favourite toppings. we love marshmallows. what about you?

let us know if you enjoyed this hot chocolate recipe or if we missed a step somewhere. we always love feedback.
have a great day. live aastey.