the best foods to have with caramel

hey tribe!

we hope you thoroughly enjoyed your weekend!

weekends are the time to experiment, explore and enjoy to the fullest. since you know we are complete foodies and had some time fantasising about it on the weekend, we decided to find out different foods that we love to enjoy with caramel.

who doesn’t love caramel? its gooey deliciousness can be used to add a spark to multiple things to spice up your otherwise normal weekend. there are countless options but still we decided to make a list of the best foods to have with rich caramel


a cup of coffee makes you want to live a little longer, especially on the bad days. but starting your day with a cup of coffee with caramel just makes it more bearable, especially if it’s a Monday. it doesn’t matter if it's hot or cold, coffee with caramel is the best way to start your morning.


have an urge to have something sweet with salty? then add some caramel sauce with your popcorn. that just makes for the best movie snack ever!!


if it’s the apple season and you love apples, then add some awesomeness to it with a drizzle of caramel and a dash of sweetness. but if you are looking for a high, then go ahead and fully coat it with caramel.


just the simplest of cakes with a blanket of delicious and rich caramel icing. yummy!! we just can’t wait to try that one. what about you?

ice cream

a bowl of caramel sauce and your favourite sundae bar is just the perfect caramel overload for the weekend. but if you want to go ahead and start your week with a huge spoon of ice cream with caramel, then we won’t stop you.

now all this talk of caramel must be making you hungry. so go ahead and fix up the perfect snack for yourself. let us know what your favourite food with caramel by tagging us @liveaastey.

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