Christmas is here! and we are so excited to have you here with us to celebrate one of the most cheerful times of the year. it is the time when we reminisce about the moments that will soon be recollections of the past year and prepare for the new beginnings of a new year.

Christmas is not Christmas without some decorations. However, they can become tedious and costly at times. So, in the festive spirit of doing things on our own, here is a list of diy Christmas décor ideas that are not only simple but will allow you to spend some precious time with your loved ones.

paper stars and ribbon decorations

get some craft paper and get started on making some of the easiest diy hanging paper stars. all you need to do is have a scissor, some craft paper and some glue.

if you have bought a Christmas tree, then spend some time dressing your tree with some smashing ribbon decorations. they are super easy to make and you can get your kids or partners involved. you can go very simply or get some twigs from your backyard to have some fun with your ribbon decorations.

cut a piece of ribbon that’s about 15 cm long and then cut four shorter 2 cm ones. start tying the ribbons at the centre of the twig and keep making them smaller as you go up. tie a loop of ribbon on the top to hang it on the tree.

rustic dining decorations

make your dining room more rustic by decorating the chairs and the dinner table. you can create chair swags with used fabric like linen and tie it with a ribbon or some ivy to give them a Christmassy look. use some of that leftover star to create small hanging stars.

then you can set the table with candy canes that are obviously very cheap and very colourful to create beautiful card holders. now isn’t that the cutest thing?

decorate a potted tree

but a very cheap potted tree (remember, it's more sustainable) and spruce it up with some mini homemade decorations like the ribbons and the paper stars. you can also use air-dried clay to create beautiful shapes for your tree decorations.

rustic candle holders

you know, those cheap, beautiful terracotta plant pots, right? you can buy a few and turn them into candleholders outside on the porch or inside on your dining table. you can cut pieces of florists’ foam and then place them into the bases of each pot. once done, press some elegant white candles into the foam so they will stand upright. you can fill up the pot with some flowers and moss to give it more of an earthier look.

decorating the tealights

get a few packs of very basic tealights and then decorate them with some decorative tape. try to avoid the glittery ones so as to reduce your waste. you can always use ribbons to decorate them as well.

so here is a list of diy decorations from our side. we hope you enjoy this Christmas and make the best of it.

don't forget to be in the moment and live aastey!

merry Christmas and a very happy new year!