surprise your special someone with a sustainable gift this Valentine's

hey tribe

valentine’s day is around the corner. it’s the week to celebrate love and affection. not that it shouldn’t be celebrated every single day of the year. but keeping it with the traditions, you might want to give some special present to your special someone or anyone who has made a difference in your life.

can v-day be sustainable?

there is no doubt that the holiday we all love has become more popular for giving gifts and less for sentiments. from cut flowers to cards that are thrown away right after the day ends, Valentine’s Day is riddled with unsustainable practices. but you don’t have to miss a celebration just because you want to be more sustainable.

we know being sustainable has become an important part of your life or at least you are trying to make it work. it’s hard to find the perfect gift especially if you want it to be sustainable. so here are some gift ideas from our side to help you get that perfect gift. let’s come up with something different this year for your special someone.


beautiful red roses, heart-warming lilies, and gorgeous carnations. giving your valentine flowers is archaic and not very sustainable. these flowers die after being cut from the parent plant. instead, give your loved one a houseplant. a touch of green and fresh air will add more value to your valentine’s life than some cut flowers they will have to throw after a day.

organic wine

if you want to with the classics, then gifting wine is always on the top of the list. but to be more sustainable, find your love some organic wine. organics wines are usually made from grapes without the use of any fertilizers or toxic pesticides. check for the green credentials of the winemaker before buying your gift this time.

environment-friendly gift cards

can’t do without gift cards? then you end all your worries by just buying environment-friendly gift cards made of sustainable raw materials.

hand-poured soy candle

if you want to give something that makes your loved one feel relaxed, then you should go for the hand-poured soy candles. they are 100% vegan and will keep you and your valentine warm and comfy.

these were some of our picks for having a sustainable Valentine’s Day.

have a wonderful day. we will be back soon. live aastey.