style over comfort?  why not both?

Have you ever regretted wearing something just because it looked good on you? you know that uncomfortable poorly fitted dress or those high heels that have cut into your skin by the end of the night.

what compels us to overlook our comfort in some situations? many of us dress thinking that we can either choose comfort or style and so we choose between the two for every different scenario. If it is a yoga retreat, then comfort but if it’s a party at the boss’ house, style should definitely be the priority. but what is the point of looking stylish if you are uncomfortable in your skin and conscious of your appearance?

gradually things are changing. we don’t have to sacrifice our comfort or our style for either of the occasions. the world today is shifting towards cosier clothes. these are harsh times for the world and we are living in uncertain times. this has made us crave warmth and comfort above all else. with work-from-home, we no longer need to stick to a corporate uniform. it is natural to want something softer and flexible if you are working from your sofa or your bed. let’s not forget that staying at home and working from home also entails chores that no one can do in a fancy shirt and pencil skirt.

don’t get us wrong. nowhere are we saying that we should let go of style. only that both comfort and style should be given priority at all points of the day. this is why aastey strives to create and innovate clothes that you would want to wear from day to night. sleep, work, workout, or party, your clothes should make you feel good, stylish, and comfortable at all times of the day. it is only in this scenario can we truly breathe and be ourselves.

that is what we want for you. so, choose comfort and style both. 

because it is our right to feel good. 

be happy and live aastey!