This is crazy. We knew this will be an added set of energy and skills. In a small team, you have to maximize your efforts.
But hey! We were not going to give up on the opportunity of speaking with our friends and recording it live for you all to enjoy it. #liveaastey

So we reached out to women from all around to understand their opinions on fashion, their passions & lifestyles. We also spoke to them about their fitness, beauty, body, soul and everything in between.  

We have now created the first chapter of our podcast where we spoke to 10 women, with completely different body types, fashion styles and lifestyles. 
Our founders, Kanupriya and Jeevika also chat about their own 'live aastey' moments in the week and take turns to speak with these women. 

Go ahead, listen to our podcasts called live aastey on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, Anchor and more.