Do you have moments when you are chilling on a sofa, bed or in a bathroom, questioning your existence? Well, I top it up with an infinite scroll on my phone. 

I am not loyal to any social platform. I am loyal to questioning my existence through a scroll. It could be on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, or even Spotify or Youtube for the next podcast or video, social media and I are old buddies. 

It would defeat my existence if I am off all social media channels because social media marketing has been an important part of all my job roles. At least that's the excuse and solid alibi that I have. I tell my brain and others, that its all research after all! 

Plug- Indian government, defeating the purpose of my existence.
Lately, the Indian government has been giving these social media big fat unicorns a hard time. 

Made me wonder, if the social media ban actually happens, what's going to be my go to scroll for existential crisis. Calling people? SMS-ing strangers? Hovering over chat stories of people who basically called me to sell a car, bring my newspaper, advertise buildings or trying to give me a loan I never needed? (Wow! Cant believe this is what my first reaction is going to be.) 

Obviously I can act wiser, read blogs, go to medium, explore apps like 'calm' and 'nykaa' :) But no, the only way, my scrolls would be relevant is by not scrolling at all. By leaving my phone on airplane mode for a week. By not touching my laptop all weekend. By picking up a book I love or a show that has always played in the background and I have probably never watched. 

Would I really go on social detox? Well I did try it this time on my birthday weekend, my wedding, all special occasions and I even once, half a decade ago, deleted all my social platforms.

But if I did that now? Covid-19 would have been a double nightmare. It was uplifting and truly enriching to have some fun company. While, I can do it, I really don't want to go on a social detox. I need my daily scroll to dump my existential crisis on it. Social Media is a part of me. 

Social Me. Thats how I live aastey.
Can't give up on that, now? Can I?

love aastey.