Pride Month Show Recommendations 

This pandemic has left us all feeling a little lonely. With our friends on phone screens and conversations via texts, we’re all craving a semblance of normalcy. In honor of Pride Month, here are a few shows that champion queer protagonists while also reminding us of life before the pandemic.

  1. Love Victor

A fun coming of age show, which is a spin off of the famous movie Love, Simon. It's about a young immigrant boy trying to accept his sexuality and truly love himself, while also allowing himself to fall in love with his coworker.

  1. Elite

Originally a Spanish show, but also available in English, Elite is a thriller. It has three seasons, which follow the repercussions of one student's mistake. A mistake that ended with murder. The show contains graphic scenes and is not for the faint of heart.

  1. The Politician 

The story of a boy struggling through high school while pursuing his dream of becoming president of the United States, while simultaneously coming to terms with his sexuality. It is a highly recommended show full of drama, deception, and treachery.

  1. Euphoria

With an A list cast, Euphoria is a hard-hitting drama, revolving around the lives of a group of teenagers who try to navigate and find their way in a world full of drugs, sex and trauma.

  1. Hollywood

A drama miniseries created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan and set in the postwar era, Hollywood follows the lives of aspiring actors. It chronicles their struggles and sheds light on the discrimination faced on the basis of gender, sexuality and race. With dazzling backdrops, costumes that make you believe you're in the center of Hollywood's golden era, this show makes it to my all time top ten list. 

Pride Shows

These shows give us an insight into how members of the LGBTQ community and people across the gender spectrum spend their lives fighting for their rights. Although  the purpose of shows is to provide entertainment, they play a vital role in educating the masses, in normalizing being queer, bisexual, gay etc. 

We must all strive to live aastey, to create moments of happiness or joy and to stop comparing and judging other people. Everyone should have the right to be who they want to be.