With another lockdown and all relationships becoming virtual, I was recently playing catch up with a friend over zoom. It was really interesting to note that she was speaking about her company and the work environment, but she was no where near her city, let alone her office. So what environment? 

She was surrounded by the lovely mountains and was catching with our chat from a place with limited connectivity but the place had a unique policy
BYOR = Bring Your Own Router ( Just made that term up).
We spoke in depth around the benefits of remote working, the pitfalls, the dos and dont's and then we recorded a part of it later as a podcast too. Yup. Right here. Tune in. 

It all sounded so easy and simple in our chat.

Remote Working is the need of the hour but is it really doable for all companies?

Not sure. However, in India, virtual weddings are happening and apps like Wed Me Good, can jump on this by providing live stream for it. (Again, you are welcome!) Also, the restaurants that are shut, some of them are using VR to give you the same experience at home. But if people will stop commuting completely for work the real challenge would be for companies like Ola and Uber, as running a business just for people to reach their parties on time may not feasible.


The dog or the owner has the worth ethics on point!

Luckily, we at aastey are set to create a hybrid work environment. We are not just looking to sell our vibes, we are the vibes! We want our team to work from their comfort zones. Yes, we can not control our vendors, because just like restaurants, manufacturing is definitely not going virtual. BTW, who knows :) Just read about virtual dressing the other day. The world we are in, Sigh!

Coming back to our work environment. The perks of having a lean (to presently, no) team is that, you can pick your own meeting slots, spots, backgrounds and environments to work from. A zoom from the bed, where someone might be sleeping on your side and casting a virtual background helps, a team meeting with your favorite music playing in the background and a sip of wine, just to stimulate your creative sense is a dream you can achieve- Yes, its all legal here at aastey. 

Just casually brainstorming the next social campaign

If you want to join our easy breezy, hybrid, lean team and you believe in our vision of building an equal and joyful environment for all women irrespective of their backgrounds, size, ethnicity, race and choices - come join us at aastey. 

Among the many positions, our hottest position now open is for someone who believes she/her/he is the real life Kat Edison, this job is for you. Yes, that character from the show The Bold Type (I am clearly obsessing over this show) is literally the best Marketing person for the magazine Scarlet. You get to live, breath and create dream content for aastey, just like her.

The one creative tweet that goes viral, that one set of well thought out instagram stories, the endless youtube content and the tracking of analytics to see if its all worth it- thats your JD. 

Apply with the resume to

and continue to live aastey