remembering the stonewall riots & how it all started

hey tribe!

the pride month is coming to an end and as it ends, we cannot miss the anniversary of the stonewall riots; the event that started it all. the event that led to the formation of the first gay liberation group in the united states. so, let's get into it and look at its significance for the lgbtq+ community and their rights.


what is the stonewall riots?

on the morning of june 28, 1969, the police raided a small inn, known as the the stonewall inn, a prominent gay bar of its time. as the police lined up the drag queens and patrons without any notice, a crowd started gathering outside the inn and all it needed was a match to light the fire that burnt across the country. the match was one of the women being held inside who came out and shouted, โ€œwhy donโ€™t you all do something?โ€

the rest as we say is history.

more and more people took to the streets as police waited for support inside the bar. a spontaneous rebellion had erupted. while the protests went on for a week, nothing happened immediately. but a precedent had been set. a precedent that would lead to the first pride parade in the history of the united states, at the one-year anniversary of the stonewall riots.

Crowds outside the Stonewall Inn. Credit- NYTimes

the significance of remembering stonewall riots every year is to not forget the struggles we have risen from but also to see how far we have come. it is a message that even though we celebrate the pride month with parades and songs, there will be no hesitation to learn from the past and stand again to fight against brutality and discrimination.

as we celebrate the end of the pride month, we cannot forget that respecting all genders and sexualities, regardless of what they identify with or what you identify with should be our topmost priority even after the month ends. this month should be a celebration like our birthdays each year. but, this month cannot be an exception to the rule.

so, here is to changing all the rules and destroying all the roles because that is what we stand for.

happy pride tribe!

until next time, live aastey.