queer fashion icons throughout history who have shaped fashion

hey tribe!

we are celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community this month. The pride month is not just emblematic of the kind of progress we have made but also a reassurance to many people that they are not alone and that they are not invisible.

over the years, many icons have used fashion to express their identities and have paved the path for generations to come. so, let’s talk about some of these timeless icons who have changed our perceptions of self-love forever.

Freddie Mercury

first in our list of the iconic queer legends is the immensely talented lead singer of the band Queen. yes, people, it's Freddie Mercury, who stood out not only with his music but also the wild colours he chose to wear on his live concerts. his choice of clothing created a new fashion statement for the new age.

David Bowie

Is it strange that we have another rock god who we need to thank for defying stereotypical gendered norms? nope. not at all. its David Bowie who rocked the stage with this wild jumpsuits and colourful on-stage outfits. no one can deny the crazy impact he had on the 70s and the 80’s fashion scene.

Marlene Dietrich

elegance and shine. these are the two words that Marlene Dietrich embodied with style. she started her acting career in 1919 and she was one of Hollywood’s first icon who would wear menswear and looked gorgeous while doing that.

Billy Porter

gorgeous gowns. high heels. bold patterns. custom red carpet Cinderellaesque looks. no, we are not describing any actress getting ready for the red carpet. we are talking about the incredibly gorgeous Billy Porter. The Pose star is an inspiration for an entire generation out there and we are in complete awe of him.

Johnathan Van Ness

we cannot end this list without mentioning the Queer Eye star, Jonathan Van Ness. His style statement is one to die for whether it be a long flowing gown or a stunning suit, they can give you a heart attack with any look anytime.

so, there you go. tell us about your favourite queer icon and if we missed it in the list.
take care. live aastey.