planning a trip for Goa this monsoon? here are a few things to keep in mind

Hello tribe! Are you planning a trip to goa this monsoon?

Oh well, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind before you plan your trip!

Goa is widely known as a year-round vacation destination. but can you go to Goa in the rainy season, though? It depends on what you want from your trip, therefore it's a challenging question to answer.

Of course! you should definitely visit if you enjoy the charm of the rains, thunderstorms and grey clouds, watching the countryside splash into pretty bright shades of green, the magnificent waterfalls in full flow and the drenched beaches! Goa has so much to offer to make your vacation a memorable one. Especially during monsoon season, it is a completely different experience. The season lasts from June through August, with June and July being the rainiest months. After months of dust, the environment by mid-June becomes lush, bright, and vivid again.

However, Goa's rains are far more unpredictable than the rainy season in Southeast Asia, where you frequently only get a few hours of afternoon rainfall that you can arrange your day around. Sometimes days of nonstop rain are possible, and power outages frequently occur during these storms, sometimes lasting six or more hours at a time. Paddy fields and low lying places can occasionally flood, but once the rain stops, things normally dry up pretty fast.

Bring an umbrella and a raincoat with you

it's crucial to pack items that can help you stay dry and cope with the monsoons. In the middle of a downpour, you will need to exit your hotel or car and immediately enter the streets, thus the most essential item you should have with you is a raincoat or an umbrella large enough to keep you dry. Make sure you have a fairly large umbrella because the rain in Goa may be very heavy.

Avoid going to the beaches

All beaches are mostly submerged by high tides. Swimming or engaging in any water sports at those high tides is dangerous. Visit the Goa spice plantations as an alternative. It's the best way to enjoy yourself and appreciate nature while simultaneously leading an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Be vigilant when you travel

Make sure your camera and phone are fully charged before visiting waterfalls and animal sanctuaries. 

To avoid leaving behind trash on your journey, bring a reusable bottle with you.

Wearing a raincoat is preferable to carrying an umbrella due to the strong winds.

The path becomes slick during the monsoon, so be careful when walking and make sure you're wearing hiking boots.

Wear synthetic clothes

Don't forget to dress in synthetics. You'll get wet while travelling in the rain, and your clothes will become soggy and start to smell. Because synthetic clothing dries more quickly, it is a desirable material during rainy seasons. Shorts or knee-length pants are the greatest options for clothes during the monsoons, so try to pack some of each. Avoid wearing long sleeves or long pants.

Carry an insect or mosquito repellent

Always keep insect or mosquito repellant on you. Mosquitoes breed during the rainy season, and they are carriers of a number of diseases. It is imperative that you defend yourself from these insects, therefore don't forget to include repellents in your backpack.

Carry a few board games or a pack of playing cards.

Bring some board games or a deck of cards with you. These games can be the best choice for you to pass the time if you find yourself frequently trapped in your hotel room.

Goa is the best location to enjoy the monsoon. As soon as it starts to drizzle, it turns into a tropical paradise. 
Therefore, make a reservation for a tranquil vacation right away! 

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Have a blast, aastey tribe! Happy monsoon!