HBR recently published an article on how employees can't be hired through old practices like, one size fits all for hot jobs anymore. 
This phrase 'One Size Fits All' is so misleading across industries. One makeup shade is not sufficient for women of all shades and gone are the days when 4-6 shades were also the solution to all skin types. 'Fenty' recently introduced 35 shades of makeup, trashing the thought of one shade could fit all. 
Size Inclusivity is not just a clothing challenge.
In general, inclusivity, customization, sustainability and adaptability is the new way of living. 
These are just outcomes of literacy, the power to say, 'no' and a genuine attitude shift towards following a lifestyle of one's individual choice. This less bullish attitude towards changing ones own personality to fit in, has challenged even brands that are more than a century old.
In households, this attitude change is sometimes is sometimes a nightmare. Imagine, a large family and everyone stating their own dietary needs and timings to eat. One meal type also no longer fits all! Meal portions also come in multiple customizations and variations now. 
But still, in fashion, we are another decade away from saying NO to the small, medium, large that some of our favorite brands have to offer.
At aastey, it is only a start to participate in the bigger movement of size inclusivity.
Image: Boudoir Studio-Detroit

Creating multiple sizes is the biggest challenge but its the need hour that has already passed. We are trying to move towards size inclusively when it comes to shopping.
One size definitely does not fit all. 
As now, we are always a 100%, us.