Covid19 lockdown appears to be like a never ending phase. However, being hopeful and positive is the only way to roll. So here I am sitting indoors on my everyday sofa, making bucket list ideas for when things will open up.

Lockdown meaning may have a negative connect for a lot of people, but I have tried to make it have a positive spin on my life.  (It's not like we have much of a choice.)

One of the many things I did during this lockdown was creating a post covid bucket list. Which is significantly different from my current bucket list
 called "the bucket list of movies to watch".


And as always, this information is no longer sacred. Sharing it here:

on the edge

Only Dani_the_explorer can sit here.
I am going to a safe zone like a beach.

We don't even use caps in our brand communication, but I think it's loud and clear now. Travelling is on top of my list. Something, that I took for granted, is now only a dream. I am definitely, checking out of the country, emails and everything- to sit on the beach, sleep on the beach, read on the beach, eat on the beach- Basically, just sand and I. 

friends reunion

Cant wait for the reunion, literally

2. OMG meet my Family & Friends
This is odd. Something we took for granted and was a usual routine, has become a bucket list. But, I have truly been following all rules and regulations of a lockdown. I mean being 1.6 months covid free has been no joke. Touchwood. But can't wait to break free and meet everyone, specially the people among whom, I am 100% me, my close friends and family. 

live aastey

a1 plan from day 1, live aastey

3. Truly, live aastey
Yeah, this is super important. I need to be in the moment. I don't need bucket lists to create unnecessary pressures and to-dos. Yes, I would like to learn and experience a lot of fun things in this lifetime but I want those moments to take their corse. I don't want a list. I want to do whatever I feel like doing and be a 100% present in enjoying that moment.

Hey! if tomorrow, I come across a dance class and my heart tells me to join it, I will join it. It can't be something I will make a list about. Example: Sky diving was never on any bucket list. I woke up after my 21st birthday and realized that maybe I want to go sky diving, and I did. Let's hope, we can continue to live in a moment and own it, 100%, always. 

Tear down these bucket lists. Just...
live aastey.