mental health is important even if you are an environmental activist

hey tribe!

floods. hurricanes. wildfires. the world is witnessing an increase in extreme weather events that are killing thousands of people. millions are losing their livelihoods and many more will become environmental refugees in the coming decade.

this is the eleventh hour and many of us are fighting to make a difference. to hold governments and giant corporations accountable. but as we fight for our planet and our survival, there is one thing that we need to keep in our mind. our mental health.

in 2020, the world health organization declared that depression and anxiety were going to be the world’s biggest disabilities. keeping a check on our mental health becomes that much harder while fighting the climate crisis. studies say that environmental issues have a negative effect on an individual’s mental health and can be very overwhelming and stressful for people.

so here are a few ways to unwind when fighting the good fight becomes a little tiring:

spend time in the nature

research says that sending time in nature, connected to the earth can calm our anxiety. so take some time out to reconnect with nature; understand its beauty and flaws and as you meditate in the open air, look deep within yourself to understand your motivations and give yourself some time to recuperate.

set boundaries for yourself

if you find yourself getting burnt out, try to set some boundaries between your work and personal life. dedicate half an hour just for yourself to release stress. it could be a quick yoga workout or meditation/ anything that takes you away from the work you are doing can make you feel a little better.

community building

everyone needs a support system. connect with your friends and family to practice gratitude and support each other. it’s the best way to feel more relaxed.

stop if your body is asking you to

even though we are mentioning this in the end, this should be your first clue. if you are feeling tired and feel no motivation whatsoever, then acknowledge that you are burnt out and take a break. if you don’t, you will just make it worse.

do something unrelated

activist fatigue is very real. you can feel fatigued, especially when you are actively part of organizing protests. it can be very exhausting to stay in the same space for a long time. it is normal to get tired and burnt out so drop what you are doing and do something completely different. maybe read a Sidney Sheldon or bake some treats for yourself. whichever way

yes, be passionate. but take a break. that is the only way we will win.

live sustainable. live aastey.