With the lockdown restrictions finally lifted, it’s time to get dolled up and paint the town red! Okay, maybe it is more like getting dolled up and cautiously stepping out, with a mask, of course. 

Here’s a list of make-up products everybody needs (especially novices!)

  1. Prepping your skin 

It's vital to first prep your skin by using a light moisturizer or a primer. This protects your skin and helps to keep those pesky pimples at bay.

  1. Concealer and Foundation 

The first and only criteria is to purchase a concealer and foundation is that it matches your skin tone, which is why buying it online isn’t recommended for first timers. You could also begin your makeup journey with a simple cc cream if concealer and foundation seem too daunting. 

  1. Eyeliner and mascara

Because your eyes are the window to your soul, you must make them stand out !Both gel and pencil eyeliners work well; you just have to figure out which one works best for you. Use an eyelash curler as well, if you’re feeling extra fancy.

  1. Blush 

The right shade of blush can alleviate your look instantly. Keep a light hand to have a natural glowy look, or layer if you’re going for a bold look. 

Psst, your blush also doubles as an eyeshadow.

  1. Lips 

A good lipstick can make or break your whole look, so it’s important to choose the right shade. Depending on your mood and the occasion, you could go for bold dark colors, a classic red, a nude, or even a basic pink. A good gloss can also do the trick.

  1. Setting it all up 

What is the point of putting in so much effort if it is not going to last? A good dusting powder or setting spray will make sure it lasts. Just dust the translucent looking powder or spray your face and you are good to go.

  1. Tools 

Every craftsman needs the right tools. A high-quality set of brushes is essential. They might be a little pricey, but they'll last, so just think of them as an investment for your future. 

make up essentials

While makeup is fun and makes you feel pretty, don’t forget that it’s just a façade you put on for a few hours. The true beauty lies in your personality and, girl, you’re GLOWING! So, makeup or no make-up, you are gorgeous and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Stop comparing and start live aastey :)