It’s been almost a year and a half since our lives changed completely with covid-19 and while some parts of the world are returning to normal - feels like here in India we will still be locked down for a while and all everyone seems to be going on about is the “new normal”. 
 love aastey
While we have moved into accepting the pandemic as part of our lives we still haven’t managed to adjust our goals and aspirations. We’re still looking towards the same mile stones and time limits. This could be the coveted Forbes 30 under 30, having a baby before those proverbial eggs expire or even getting into that bikini in time for summer.
 live aastey
What we have forgotten is that our lives have been flipped around we have had to spend time adapting to a constant state of limbo for the past year just to survive! So shouldn’t we also be kinder and adjust timelines or perhaps even completely reassess these goals?
Treating yourself with the same generosity and love as you would treat a friend; is even more important right now because we are separated from friends and other support systems in our lives. It’s more important than ever before to stand up and be kinder to ourselves. So go ahead- rock those PJ's, enjoy that Netflix binge and savor that pizza guilt free. 
 love aastey
Just an idea for your next night in 
Because we can do it all but we don’t have to! 

live aastey.