These are the craziest days in our lives. No one could predict that there would be a disease where a country like India would put a billion people under a lockdown to control it.

well the moment is never this perfect, but thats the dream

Whats crazier is the 2.0 wave in some cities of India, like Maharashtra where a second major lockdown has happened after one year of covid. 
Yes, we have officially been mostly indoors for a second consecutive year.
What does that mean for fashion? For me, it means that fashion is no longer about just dressing up, its an emotion. Like the time you make hair buns for your zoom meetings vs the times you leave your hair open with a hair scrunchie in your hand as a statement. Or the time, you just woke up in time for the meeting but wear a lip color to prove that you have been awake and working hard :P
It's all to show a state of mind through that tiny web cam window which is our outlet to the world now. Recently, we had a new sense of happiness when one of the girls in our meetings painted her nails in all colors possible. Yup, 10 fingers can mean more than 10 different colors in the world of nail art. 
work from home wardrobe must include nail art, just sayin'
Similarly, fashion in times of covid has become all about finding these small ways to express ourselves. Prioritising the  emotions, comfort and the mood over the major stepping out wardrobe. The major fashion moments are now replaced by acts like locking your bras in a drawer forever if your bust doesn't need the extra support or even replacing the extra support bras with sports bras, if your bust always needs the support. Fashion choices are all about dressing down, casual tops, sportswear, activewear, athleisure, loose fit, trousers, dressings, loungewear, chappals and slippers over heels, damn even pillows, comforters are part of our main wardrobe now. I have decided to make my couch as a part of the wardrobe too. It all blends. Gotta be season-less, sustainable and get some sleep in work hours while at it. 

comforter as a part of wardrobe, yasss

Fashion in times of covid is really anything and everything in which you feel a 100% yourself like never before. You are just living aastey. Wearing the bare minimum that provides you comfort and not comes in your way for the day. Oh! we for fun is hoping it stays forever.