joggers vs leggings - which is better for you?

in this day and age, most women are switching from stylish outfits that make them look good but feel uncomfortable to more comfortable yet beautiful clothing options. keeping this in mind, women are going gaga over joggers vs leggings. while both of them are very important for your wardrobe, it is also essential to know how they are different from each other. 

when comparing leggings vs joggers, we must first understand what they are and when are the best times to wear them. when it comes to body-hugging bottoms like treggings or jeggings, you may be unfamiliar with the differences between leggings vs jeggings or treggings. however, since joggers look very baggy, they set themselves apart from leggings in looks and in a few other ways too.

what are joggers?

just like any other athleisure clothing piece, joggers too were originally made to be worn during exercise. as their name implies, they were specifically designed for jogging. now, they have become an everyday fashion staple and make for great loungewear, workwear, and streetwear. 

joggers are usually made of a lightweight material which adds to their comfort factor. although they are pretty fitted, joggers are not skin-tight. they taper down your legs and come with fitted ankles. they are baggy in nature. they usually have a drawstring or an elastic band at the waist. now that joggers have become a part of daywear, they come in more tailored, sophisticated and even glamorous styles.

what are leggings?

leggings are skin-tight, snug garments that you can easily pull on or take off. generally, they have no zipper or fastening, making them more convenient to wear. usually, leggings are made of lycra and cotton and come in varying styles and lengths.

a lot of women swear by leggings especially when it comes to active wear or gym clothing. they offer flexibility and stretchability, making your movements and postures easier. if you look at joggings vs leggings, you will realize people are obsessed with clothing that combine style with comfort. these garments are enduring and versatile, hence, they are a fashion favourite.

when should you wear joggers?

be it a quick hike in the colder months or a run to the grocery store, you can wear joggers for all sorts of casual and laid back looks. a lot of people wonder ‘can you wear joggers to the gym?’, well, they may not be the perfect bottom wear for gymming. although they are perfect for running, brisk walking and jogging, other forms of workout need more body-hugging and stretchable clothes such as leggings.

just like leggings, you will find joggers also in a plethora of styles. some may appear like sweatpants but there are quite a lot of differences when you compare sweatpants vs joggers. 

when should you wear leggings?

if you think leggings are only for your workout sessions, you are wrong. the beauty of leggings lies in their versatility. apart from wearing leggings to the gym, you can also wear them underneath your tunics, tops, and dresses. in winters, leggings look amazing with oversized sweaters or chunky pullovers.

be it all types of exercises involving excessive movements or hanging out with your friends, leggings can be worn on a lot of occasions. while you may think they can be a good alternative to yoga pants, you will be surprised to see the differences in comparing yoga pants vs leggings.

joggers vs leggings

when it comes to comfort and style, joggers vs leggings are at the top of their games for sure. however, there are some key factors that differentiate them for each other. let’s check them out here:




they fit loosely on the legs and are baggy in nature.

they provide a snug and skin-tight fit to the lower body.


casual wear for outings

casual wear and gym wear


joggers are made of jersey-like thick material.

leggings are usually a blend of spandex and polyester.


joggers have an elastic band at the waist and on the ankles.

leggings just have an elastic waistband.


they are opaque pants which can be worn with a lot of top wears.

they are slightly see-through and stretchy.

if you know when to wear joggers or when to take out your leggings from your closet, most of your fashion issues will be sorted.  these two are absolute must-haves in your wardrobe that will make dressing up super easy for you.

joggers vs leggings: which one should you choose?

when it comes to comfortable and fashionable clothing, there is no ‘either’/’or’. leggings and joggers both hold a special place in our hearts and wardrobes because of different reasons. on days you want to sweat it out in the gym, leggings will be your best buddies. on the evenings when you want to grab a quick bite with your gal pals, you will love your joggers. 

difference between joggers and leggings

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