jeggings vs leggings: how they are different?

jeggings and leggings are wardrobe staples for people who like fashion with comfort. although both of them are quite similar, there are some key differences in jeggings vs leggings that set them apart. both are tight-fitting bottom wear which offer immense versatility and comfort. they are available in a myriad of designs and styles. here, we will understand the jeggings and leggings differences more clearly.

what are jeggings?

jeggings are tight-fitting pants with a design that make them look similar to skinny jeans. leggings and jeggings actually have quite similar characteristics but there are jeggings and leggings in terms of how they look. both of them are tight and soft and cover the entire leg too.

even though jeggings are not jeans, the fabric used in making them looks very similar to denim. while actual denim is made out of cotton twill fabrics, jeggings are of spandex and knit polyester fabric. they come in a lot of different styles and washes. you can wear them to your workplace and college, but unlike leggings, they are not ideal gym wear. 

what are leggings?

leggings are usually associated with sportswear and gym wear. they are tight-fitting pants and cover all your legs. they are not only great for gyms but can also be styled in numerous other ways.

they are a fashion staple for a lot of people. although they are made with varying fabrics, what remains unchanged is the use of soft knit fabrics in making them. for more stretchability, the fabric of leggings is often blended with spandex. you can wear them for your workouts or for different occasions. leggings are very versatile and supremely comfortable.

jeggings vs leggings




appears like denim; available in different washes

variety of colors and prints


a blend of spandex with knit polyester

different kinds of knit fabrics and spandex


if made of good quality, can last for years.

if made of good quality, can last for years.


comfortable but slightly heavy

very comfortable and lightweight


differs as per fabrics and brands

differ as per brands

intended use

ideal for casual everyday wear. not designed as gym wear.

ideal to wear in gyms, with ethnic wear, for physical activities (jogging, cycling, etc.)

the main difference between leggings and jeggings

both jeggings and leggings have their own uses and advantages. one can’t replace the other and you need both in your wardrobe. while jeggings can be seen as jean type leggings, there are a few things that make a pair of jeggings different from leggings. let’s delve into the key markers of leggings vs jeggings in detail:

  • the fit

when it comes to fitting, your conventional leggings are not very different from the leggings type jeans. both of them fit you snugly and are stretchable. also, their waistbands have elastic in them, making them easier to wear and more comfortable too. the only fitting difference in leggings vs jeggings is that the leggings are slightly more stretchable than jeggings as they are made of stretchier fabrics.
  • the fabrics

    fabric is where leggings differ largely from jeggings. unlike leggings, jeggings are usually made of polyester knit fabrics and spandex which is sometimes blended with cotton and other fabrics. leggings, on the other hand, are almost always made of different types of knit fabrics. you can also get them in different fabric blends such as nylon, wool, and polyester. they too have spandex in them.
  • the texture

    there is a slight jeggings and leggings difference when it comes to feeling and texture. the difference can be so subtle that it can often go unnoticed. however, this difference in the texture is because of the fabric used in making both items. usually, leggings feel softer to the touch than jeggings. they can be thicker or thinner than jeggings as that depends on the different materials used in making them. jeggings are rougher in texture as they are made of polyester and are usually of the same thickness which makes them a more comfortable and wearable version of denims.
    • the comfort level

      leggings and jeggings often offer almost the same level of comfort. both of them feel great on the skin as they have a soft texture with a stretchy fabric. they make movement and physical activities extremely easy and convenient. as leggings are slightly more stretchable, they provide better movement and comfort as compared to jeggings.
    • the style

      leggings are available in more prints and colours than jeggings. from animal prints and tie-dye to floral designs and quotes, you can get leggings in every kind that you can think of. they also come in varying lengths and thickness. as jeggings need to look similar to jeans, you can’t find them in a huge variety of colours. however, they do come in a lot of different washes such as dark, medium and light; just like your conventional jeans.
    • the maintenance

      both jeggings and leggings are very low maintenance and do not need a lot of care. you can toss them in your washing machine and they will last you for years to come. however, you need to read the care instructions for every pair that you buy as it may differ from fabric to fabric.
    • the cost

      be it leggings or jeggings, the price point will majorly depend on the type of fabric and brand that you are going for. generally, they are available at very affordable rates and hence, the jean type leggings are often regarded as a cheaper substitute for jeans.  not only that, they are even more comfortable than jeans.

    which should you choose?

    when it comes to leggings vs jeggings, there is no ’either/or’. both of them are versatile and comfortable in their own ways and you need them both in your closet. if you are looking for a pair of leggings which would fit you like a dream, try aastey’s extreme uplift leggings.

    they will give the perfect shape to your physique and become your favourite workout companion in no time. it will cling to your body at all the right places and curves, making you look flattering at all times. their soft, sustainable fabric coupled with the super high waist makes them very comfortable.

    the best part- these leggings come with pockets! they are available in different colours and you can get your hands on whatever you like the most.


    • which is tighter jeggings or leggings?
    both leggings and jeggings are designed to fit you tightly and it is just their designs, fabrics and uses that vary.
    • are jeggings jeans or leggings?
    you can call jeggings a hybrid of leggings and jeans. while their lengths, stretchability and fit are almost the same as those of leggings, their washes and looks are like jeans.
    • can you wear jeggings for workouts?
    no, you cannot and should not wear jeggings for workouts. they are not designed in a way that they can be used as gym wear. leggings, on the other hand, can be ideal wear for workouts and gyms as they are more stretchable, lighter and a little more breathable than jeggings.