can your foundation cause cancer?

hey tribe!

we have a question for you? do you like using blush on your cheeks to make them look rosier? do you put talcum powder when its too hot? we all know Johnson & Johnson baby powder that smells too good to be true. but do you also know that in 2018 a group of 12000 women had sued the baby powder making company and claimed that talc used in the product caused their ovarian cancer?

baby powder and cancer. confused?

let’s figure out if talc is safe for you or not.

what is talc?

talc is a mineral that can be mined from underground deposits. it is a clay that is the softest mineral that we have ever mined, and this makes it a very useful substance in industrial and consumer products. it is used in various products, ranging from makeup to paints and vehicle construction. it can reduce sweating and body odour and treat sunburn as well.

why is talc a source of concern?

it is acknowledged that the mineral has a lot of benefits, but research has shown that it can be a source of serious health problems. the main reason for this concern is the potential contamination of talc with a harmful substance known as asbestos.

 asbestos is also found underground and has been found in talc deposits. this risk of cross-contamination with a hazardous mineral makes talc a potentially harmful ingredient. asbestos is known to be a cancer-causing agent or carcinogenic which can be highly toxic for the lungs and can lead to mesothelioma, which is a serious form of lung cancer.

according to one study, women who used baby powder in their underwear to reduce chafing were 3 times more likely to develop ovarian cancer. another study linked lung cancer in women with using a specific kind of powder foundation brand.

Johnson & Johnson, the biggest company producing baby powder, have explicitly refuted that their product is safe and asbestos free. however, multiple internal memos reveal that they have been aware of instances of potential asbestos contamination for more than 50 years.

how to protect yourself from talc?

know the ingredients in the products that you are buying. find products that are labelled with corn-starch instead of talc. brands like Maybelline and L’Oréal use talc in their products while more modern brands like Glossier and Pacifica do not use talc in their products. talc is also referred to as magnesium silicate so keep an eye out for that!

avoid buying cosmetics with talc.  

 if you use talc-containing products or know someone who does, make sure you read more about it.

the important thing is for you to stay safe.

be safe. live aastey.