behind the veil: the hidden side of healing crystals

hey tribe!

we have all heard about the healing power of crystals. these crystals have had a place in India’s ancient healing traditions for a very long time. but, in the last few years, demand for these symbols of good luck, safety, and good health has soared. the ever-growing, all-consuming wellness industry, they have become a global phenomenon.

demand always leads to unsustainable overconsumption and exploitation of natural resources. it’s not a surprise that the crystal industry is no different. the crystals that claim to reconnect us with the energies of the earth have to be extracted from the earth.
the more the extraction, the more our earth suffers its consequences.

unregulated and dangerous

when we talk about mining exploitation, we think of metals like gold and precious stones like diamonds. aluminium. copper. silver. but as destructive metal mining is, they at least have a semblance of some regulations. crystals, unfortunately, don’t have any worldwide regulations for crystal mining. this also allows the industry to get away with the exploitation of unorganized labour and pretty much everything else.

while most of the crystals are sourced from small-scale artisanal mines or as a by-product of metal mining, the burgeoning industry has a lot of negative impacts on the environment. the impacts include groundwater contamination, soil erosion, and deforestation.

there is a paradox that needs to be taken into account. we cannot heal by hurting nature. the idea in itself becomes unsustainable.

individual action

if we do not care about how the crystals came to be in our possession, then maybe we are not as serious about the practice, to begin with.

so, what can we do to be more responsible?

well, firstly if they are too cheap, then they might not have been ethically sourced. another thing you can do is ask the seller how the crystal was sourced and where they were cut. if they are not able to provide accurate and reliable information, then you need to rethink your decision of buying from them.

looking for something that brings us peace and prosperity cannot come at the price of our planet’s well-being.

keep healing. live aastey.