What really is the perfect body? While logically it makes sense that it’s ridiculous to expect women to fit into molds however the power these standards hold over us is hard to resist. The relationship for women between their clothing and self esteem has long been debated but a 2018 study clearly shows that “vanity sizing” or a woman's perception of the size she is has a positive correlation with self esteem and also in making a purchase significantly more likely.
Body image at it’s most basic level is the perception an individual has about their body but everyone is born in a different culture with different personalities leading to very different perceptions of their bodies and subsequently with their clothing size. In fact a study was done in the UK by allowing female graphic designers from 18 countries to edit the same image of a woman with dramatically different results in each instant.

So every community has their own unique proportions that are considered the most appealing - while this celebrates diversity it also escalates the problem since no body can be the "perfect body" for everyone. Leading to constant dysmorphia and other mental health issues  
This is compounded by the fact that there are actually no standardised guidelines or regulations to clothing sizes leading to retailers adopting whatever system they want and leaving women even more confused about what their ideal body size is. Without regulation women are left to simply go through the uncomfortable process of often trying on pieces in every brand to discover what fits best or in some cases even to discover that the brand simply won’t cater to their size. 
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