is gen z de-normalizing toxic working conditions?

Generation Z, or Gen Z, i.e., anyone born between 1997 and 2010 has become an influential demographic in the last few years. They are the true digital natives with been exposed to the internet and social media from a very early age. it has made the people from this generation very good at collecting information from various sources and expanding their horizons with multiple perspectives.

gen z has already shown considerable power on college campuses. along with influencing consumer trends, gen z has also been successful in starting a conversation on unhealthy and toxic working conditions. studies suggest that even though gen z considers themselves the hardest working generation, they will not work if they don’t want to.

what is toxic work culture?

we have all had that late-night phone call from the office. unhealthy working conditions stem from the habit of normalizing working late after office hours or working on the weekends. sometimes you might even end up working on tasks that are not even under your job role. these conditions often lead to toxic work culture and result in burnout, frustration, loss of productivity, and motivation. 

how are gen z de-normalizing toxic working conditions?

just recently, a wave of resignations by gen z workers was sparked in the western world due to the pandemic as they left their jobs due to reasons like bad management, long hours, low wages, and toxic work culture. they even went on social media to make their resignations public and even celebrated. many left because they just didn’t enjoy what they did. experts say that the resignations were triggered by people becoming increasingly aware of their mental health and their skewed work-life balance.   

gen Z cares more about work-life balance. they want to have paid leaves and a workplace that gives them a sense of belonging. they know that their time has value and they want to know exactly where they will be spending all their time and effort. but one of the most important expectations for gen Zs is mental health support.

one of the core values of aastey is mindfulness. we believe in living in the moment and taking care of our mental health. it is important for everyone to take care of themselves, especially at a time when the world is dealing with a deadly pandemic.

we hope that you are taking care of yourself!

be happy and live aastey!