Indoors Lifestyle- We Indians have already completed one entire year of being indoors. The real panic, health! Beyond fitness, skincare, career and family, deep down I am worried about my own health. 

pasta loveaastey
creds: slimming eats
.. if only

Women on average put on more weight than men. Now, weight is not the real issue, but skipping healthy meals, slipping into the comfort of long zoom hours and then ending the day with a delicious carblicious pasta is to my horror not defined healthy.
I feel naked telling you all, that I am one of those very women who wear fitness wear first thing in the morning hoping we will take this body for a stroll and then end the day by changing into pjs. On a positive note, those clothes always stay fresh!

unhealthy food loveaastey
Looking good does not equal eating healthy
I have neither - Image creds: loversanddrifters club

I am worried about my health. I am worried that the routine is broken. The work hours aren't fixed, healthy eating is not my reality anymore and the 'get fresh air daily' is only a concept I read on motivational pages. 

The truth. Enough with the healthy eating, everyone happy, fit and wellness vibes. Can anyone relate?
It's horrifying what I am doing to my health, mental and physical. And I am stuck in this loop like a hamster walking inside that cart wheel. Do you have solutions? Can you motivate me? Please comment below or secretly DM ideas, because I for one am letting my health slip away. 
I for one, am truly stuck in a single moment. Away from peace, joy and happiness.
Rarely, living aastey. 

Send help.