how healthy food guarantees fabulous skin?

hey tribe!

how is your day going? we know how hard it really is to keep track of a healthy lifestyle with long work hours and hectic days. when it comes to food, most of us slip up but just like everything in life, some good things take hard work. so if you want glowing skin all times of the day, then eating healthy is the best way to get there.

skin is technically the largest organ in our body, and it is often a mirror to how we are feeling inside. our diets and lifestyle choices have a very big impact on our skin, and it's mostly not all our fault. external factors like pollution and dust make things worse for our skin. other factors like a lack of good sleep, stress and anxiety can make you look more fatigued and exhausted. 

asking anyone to get rid of all stress in today’s environment is a very tall order. but controlling your diet is a possible long-term solution for good skin. our habit of consuming processed and packaged foods like poor quality fats creates a very bad environment for our body. as a result, our skin gets affected and loses its vitality. studies have also found a strong link between consumption of packaged food and acne. It is mostly because this kind of consumption increases insulin in your body which can create hormonal changes that cause acne.

here are a few things you should do to improve your skin health:

start by reducing your consumption of refined flours and sugars, from soft drinks to juices. instead, shift your diet to whole foods which are much more nutritional for your body and skin. you can also increase fruits and green vegetables in your diet as they have beneficial hormone regulating effects.

increase the intake of vitamin c which is a super antioxidant and is extremely important for your immune system as it promotes radiant skin. oranges are the best source. if not that, then take your pick from a range of sources like blueberries, strawberries, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

finally, it is extremely important to maintain good hydration to keep your skin healthy. make sure you have at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. other than that, include soups, broths, and fruits with a high percentage of water like watermelons in your diet.

even doing one of these can make all the difference and bring back the glow in your skin. but all of this doesn’t mean you can’t have that occasional treat for yourself. its good for the soul to reward it at times, so make sure do that because we do it too.


until next time, take care.

live aastey.