how to take care of your yoga mat?

hey tribe!

we hope you are enjoying your day as much as us. but there are times when you are unable to start your day with the same energy. at such times we make sure that we get up and motivate ourselves to move and be more active. we don’t know about you but our favourite way to stay active is a morning yoga routine. the one thing without which our yoga routine is incomplete is our yoga mat.

whether you love yoga, pilates or just a light workout routine, your yoga mat gives you company through all of it. so, it is obviously paramount that we take very good care of our yoga mats.

so here are a few easy ways to take care of your yoga mat:

double-sided yoga mat

you might be using just one side of your yoga mat, but no one really said that the other side is unusable. did they? make sure you use both the sides of your yoga mat so that the wear and tear is evenly divided. it will make your yoga mat more durable.

breathe together

while it is important to store your yoga mat in a cool place, make sure you do not roll it and keep it locked away. it is natural to sweat a lot on your yoga mat but once your workout is done, don’t just roll it and throw it in a corner, give it some space to breathe in the sun.

note- don’t keep the yoga mat for too long in the sun.

keep the dust away

make sure you don’t track mud from your feet to the mat because of two very clear reasons. one, you will be rolling in it and you don’t want that dirt everywhere on your skin and second, it will damage your mat and reduce its life cycle.

do not share with others

now while sharing and caring is a commendable lesson, we are all taught in our childhood, your yoga mats are something that needs to remain personal. it is mainly for maintaining hygiene and making sure you or anyone else does not spread any bacteria or germs to their gym partner.

wash it

if you are someone who uses your yoga mat frequently, then you need to make sure you wash your yoga mat at least twice in a month. However, don’t use harsh chemicals to wash it and don’t even think of putting it in your washing machine. simply use a soft cloth to wipe it and then wash it with clean water. finally, hang it up to dry and voila you have added at least a year mat to your yoga mat’s life cycle.

so there you go guys. have a healthy relationship with your yoga mat and you will be on your best mood whenever you have your workout routine.

until next time, live aastey