how to take care of your skin during the monsoon season?

hey tribe!

we all know the monsoon brings comfort after the intense summer heat. when you step outside, a cool wind welcomes you, the temperature is top notch, and there is a lot of greenery all around. however, the monsoon season has its fair share of skin issues.

your skin struggles to adapt to the changes and maintain its radiance as the weather becomes more unpredictable and the humidity levels rise. to prevent this, a good monsoon skin care regimen should be used. during this season, those who have oily or acne-prone skin may find it difficult to control the excess oil on their faces and those who have dry skin find it difficult to maintain moisture and hydration. we have curated a list of super important monsoon skin care tips that you should implement right away for clear, healthy skin.

use soap free cleanser

soap free cleansers are mild and do not remove the skin's natural oils, which are extremely vital in every season. during the monsoon season, switch to a face wash without soap to remove dust and oil without drying out your skin, regardless of your skin type. keep in mind that 2-3 times a day is sufficient to wash your face; even if it feels oily. overwashing will increase the production of sebum, which will result in pimples and breakouts.

use a toner

to make your skin healthy and non-greasy during the monsoon season, be sure to include an alcohol-free toner in your regimen. to maintain a healthy ph balance, shrink enlarged pores, and treat blemishes and acne, look for a product that contains antioxidants like green tea or glycolic acid. after cleansing, it's crucial to use a toner to reduce pores and remove any remaining dirt.

don’t skip sunscreen

it doesn't matter if it's monsoon, summer, or winter—always remember to use sunscreen with the right spf. a gel-based, non-comedogenic sunscreen is best for all skin types. sunscreen should be used at all times.

opt for minimal makeup

makeup can clog your pores due to increased dampness and sebum production as well as it can get stuck in them. therefore, avoid covering your skin in makeup during the monsoon.

apply moisturiser

despite the fact that using a moisturiser is often always linked with winter, it is equally crucial to do so during the monsoon, especially at night. applying moisturiser helps to prevent wrinkles and preserve the skin's radiance.

include vitamin c

to keep that youthful glow, you should also incorporate a vitamin c serum into your monsoon skincare routine. it eliminates bacteria, slows down the ageing process, and reduces scars and blemishes to offer you clear and perfect skin.

exfoliation is key

the monsoon season is when your skin needs the most care, so exfoliating at least once a week can help you keep the dead skin cells at bay and make your skin soft and fresh.

this monsoon season, keep your skin healthy and happy!

live aastey!