How to make your coloured hair last longer?

Hello tribe!

One of the most popular ways to drastically alter your appearance over night is with your hair. Since hair takes a while to grow out, getting your hair trimmed might not be the best way to experiment with your appearance. But you can always think about changing the colour of your hair. And the best part is that you can now choose any colour from the colour wheel!!!

However, you must get a professional to dye your hair because dyeing your hair requires chemical treatment. This will be expensive, but keeping your hair safe would be a good investment. But hair dyeing is not just about going to a professional, it is also about maintaining it for as long as possible.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips for maintaining hair colour that have been recommended by stylists.

Wash less, dry shampoo more

The majority of colorists advise waiting 48 hours before washing your hair because your hair is in a fragile stage following a new colour. Your colour may wash out and fade quickly if you shampoo straight away because the cuticle is open.To help maintain your colour even after a salon visit, follow the advice to "wash less, dry shampoo more."

Add a pre-shampoo treatment 

It restores and revitalises weakened and damaged hair, making it easier to maintain so you may colour and style it however you like.

Choose the right shampoo for your hair

It's essential to use a shampoo (and possibly a conditioner) that is made for your hair type when colouring your hair. By doing this, you'll not only keep your colour looking vibrant for longer but also keep your hair healthy.

Use deep conditioner and hair masks

To effectively smooth the hair's cuticle, hair masks and deep conditioners are made with nourishing components including coconut, argan, and jojoba oils, shea butter, and linseed extract.

styling tools are your enemy 

Our hair becomes more fragile when we use blow dryers, straightening irons, and curling wands excessively. Steam is released by heated objects, which can be used to open the cuticle and remove the colour immediately. Limit your usage of styling equipment to no more than two times per week and shield your hair from the heat by using a heat protectant.

Say “no” to hot water

using hot water might fade the colour of your hair. Reduce the temperature of the water you use to wash your hair as well as the number of times you wash your hair each week if you want it to stay bright and healthy for a long time. Only apply shampoo to the roots of your hair, then allow it to work its way down the length to thoroughly clean it.

Use a product with SPF

Sun exposure can affect coloured hair just as it can hurt your skin. Use a protective SPF spray on your hair if you're going to be spending time outside because the UV rays can really fade your colour. Your hair's crown, which often receives the most sun exposure, deserves extra attention.

Take care of your hair, tribe! 

Live aastey!