how to make your clothes last longer?

did you ever have trouble parting with your favourite top because you could just see the signs of age showing up here and there? loose threads and holes in the fabric. we always wish for our favourite clothes to stay with us for as long as possible. but, oftentimes we forget to properly care for them.

why should we try to make our clothes last longer?

in one line. it is more sustainable. the less you throw, the less you buy. it is good for the planet and even better for your savings. now, we are not saying that your clothes can last forever. but, if we are mindful and inclined to mend, then we can get close to the forever goal.

so, here are some tips to make your clothes last longer.

check the stitch and the fabric

the practice of taking care of your clothes starts from the first day when you buy them. don’t think that just because it has an expensive price tag, it must be the best quality. when you are trying out a piece of clothing, turn it inside out and check all the stitches. if you pull at a seam and it comes apart, then the cloth might not last very long. buttons and zippers should be properly stitched.

patch it up yourself

our parents and grandparents always have a sewing kit at their disposal because a loose button was not grounds for throwing the cloth out a decade or two or ago. if your clothes are showing some basic signs of wear and tear like some loose stitching, you can always try to do some basic patch-up work yourself.

don’t wash your clothes as often

you don’t have to wash your clothes after wearing them for just one time. remember, the more you wash it, the quicker it loses its shine. most clothes like pants and shirts do not get extremely dirty unless there is sweat. you can always air dry your clothes to keep them fresh instead of chugging them in the washing machine. try to wear them at least a few times before putting them in the washing machine. you might not know this but washing machines use close to 13,500 gallons of water every year. according to the guardian, this is equivalent to the amount of water you drink in your lifetime.

wash clothes properly when you do

heat is very important to keep in mind while washing clothes. delicate clothes like our undergarments should be washed at a lower temperature to avoid damage. but make sure you use an anti-bacterial cleanser with them. but not all clothes can be put together for wash on a 30C wash which is the cold-water setting. articles like washing towels and bedding should be washed at a higher temperature of 60C.  

another tip is to wash your clothes inside, especially if they are denim jeans or sweatshirts. this way zippers and buttons and the outside of the garment can be protected from friction and damage.

store clothes with care

organizations experts say that it is good for us to declutter our wardrobe from time to time. only when we see what we have, do we know what we need to buy and what we can live without. they suggest folding clothes and stacking them vertically so that you are not tempted to buy more clothes.

do not dry clean

there are chemicals in dry cleaning that can shorten the lifespan of your clothes faster. some of the clothes that carry instructions for dry cleaning only can be hand washed. after hand washing, lay them flat to dry. if you don’t want to take any risks, then put the clothes in a mesh bag before and then put it in a washing machine for maximum protection.

we hope these tips and tricks help you to keep your favourite clothes alive and well for a little while longer or even forever. 

live sustainable. live aastey