how to keep your home clean during monsoon?

Hello tribe!

The monsoon season might be your worst nightmare because it does the most damage to your walls, including leaks, mould, fungus, cracks, and chipped paint. It is advisable to spend time and effort on rainy season cleaning and preventive measures during this season of unexpected and sudden downpours rather than having to pay for damages later. For the next two to three months, these precautions will help prevent damage to your house.

While it pours cats and dogs, consider some of these tips to protect your home and keep it away from damages.


Cross-ventilation generally controls the amount of humidity in the house. Every home needs ventilation at all times of the year. As a result of the monsoon's moist indoor air, mold and fungus growth may be accelerated. Cross-ventilation will control indoor humidity levels and eliminate any stinky odours. Additionally, the likelihood of moisture causing wall damage is low in a well-ventilated home. Henceforth, let more air in by opening the windows.

Clean the washroom 

Since bathrooms typically accumulate more filth than other rooms in the house, they require additional care during the rainy season. Naturally, your bathroom is exposed to a lot of extra dirt, mud, and dust during the rains as we hurry to the bathroom as soon as we get home to wash our bodies and keep ourselves clean. It is preferable to thoroughly clean and maintain the restrooms after each use. To keep the bathroom's interior air dry and breathable, you can install an exhaust system. The bathroom must have adequate ventilation as well.

Prevent and repair damp walls 

A clogged drain is signaled by dampness in the corner of the walls. You are undoubtedly a little late if you see damp areas on your wall. Although there is hope! One approach to the problem is to identify the root cause and stop further harm.

For walls and pipe cracks, use grout, putty, or sealant. To build a barrier against moisture and rain, use waterproofing coating for the outer walls. Purchase a damp proof course, an impervious component integrated into the brick wall to provide a barrier between the ground and wall. This stops any damage that could be done by groundwater.

Take care of your Interior drainage system

In the rainy season, water logging is a frequent issue. While you can't always prevent it from happening on the streets, you can actually stop unwanted water from accumulating inside your house. One of the simplest ways to keep the house clean during the rainy season is to have a strong internal drainage system. Always ensure the drains stay clear and unclogged, and seek urgent repair if there is any damage or leaking. Additionally, keep an eye on the gutters and rain harvesting system to safeguard the foundations when it rains.

Prevent insect infestation

In order to maintain ventilation while keeping insects away, install mosquito nets on your windows. 

The warm, humid conditions brought on by the monsoon are ideal for insects and other unwanted insects. As a result, it is common to witness insects crawling within and around your home. Although the majority of these insects are relatively harmless, some can damage furniture and walls and even spread disease.

Take care of yourself and your home!
Until next time! Happy monsoon! Live aastey!