how to create sustainable habits while shopping?

hello, you beautiful people!

as you know we’ve built this tribe on some very precious values of being caring towards oneself and the environment and sustainability!

but what does it really mean? sustainability?

it’s a term for clothing that is produced and used in a way that can be genuinely sustained, protecting the environment and people who work in the textile industry.

as a brand, we've reached a 60 percent sustainability rate and will keep working toward our 100 percent target.

however, the prospect of starting from scratch with a sustainable or ethical wardrobe is intimidating. in addition to needing to spend a little bit more than usual, the possibility of being unable to wear the brands you're accustomed to and having fewer trend options exists and buying products with the label "sustainable" is not enough; we also need to radically change the way we consume clothing.

and on that note, we’ve curated a few tips on how to stay on trend while also being sustainable, environmentally friendly and saving money.

donate your unwanted clothes

instead of leaving them hanging in your closet, donate your unwanted clothing to a worthy cause. this will encourage others to invest in your older pieces rather than purchasing brand-new ones, which will eventually help the environment. the one-in, one-out concept, which states that you should donate something for every item you purchase, is a wonderful approach to do this.

take good care of your clothes

extending the life of your clothes is absolutely necessary when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of your clothing and making sure it doesn't end up in landfills after just one or two uses. make sure your clothing lasts as long as possible by avoiding over washing it (which will help reduce your water and co2 emissions), as well as by mending it rather than tossing it out.

rent it out

it's now simpler than ever to rent something to wear instead of purchasing a new dress for that wedding or picnic this summer. according to one research, 50 million clothes are purchased and worn only once per summer in the uk alone and the equivalent of one garbage truck's worth of textiles are burned and dumped every second. this is definitely something we need to incorporate into our fashion game.


each of us has a large collection of out-of-date clothing in our closets that either doesn’t fit, are worn out, or haven't captured our interest. it would be extremely beneficial if you could recycle them into something useful. you can also test out the modern practise of some major retailers accepting used clothing in exchange for store credit. either way, it’s a win-win.

buy less and buy better

despite being overused, the phrase "buy less and buy better" is significant when you consider that an astonishing amount of 100 billion clothes are manufactured annually worldwide. henceforth, before buying anything ask yourself three crucial questions : what are you buying and why? what exactly do you require? do you intend to use it at least 25-30 times?

until next time, folks! 
think sustainable and live aastey!