how to cope with loneliness?

hello people!

people often advise people to enjoy their 20s to the fullest while hanging out with their pals, but they are unaware that not everyone can do this comfortably or with ease. being socially isolated or, to put it simply, not having any friends, is a common cause of loneliness. even if you are a part of a sizable group, you may still feel isolated or unable to make friends. loneliness is a problem that many people face at any age. most often, it happens when a person is very young or very old. people typically start out in new environments at a young age, whether it is for school, college, or even a job. on the other hand, loneliness is a problem for senior citizens.

here are some ways to cope with loneliness in your twenties:

indulge yourself in self-discovering hobbies

the best way to distract yourself from the feeling of loneliness is to indulge yourself in fun and interactive activities that require the full physical and mental involvement of an individual. involvement in self-loving activities such as painting, cooking, going to the gym, reading books, etc. could help an individual in a lot of ways.

try spending time with people who value your presence

checking up on your loved ones, like your family and friends, opening up to your family and talking about the troubles you face on a daily basis is almost like therapy. obviously, not everyone has the luxury of doing so. not only family, but friends, who most definitely care about you and are willing to listen to you, is certainly the therapy you need. spending just a few moments with them could release so much tension and could definitely help you cope with the loneliness you face.


the first step to self-love is not depending on anyone to make you feel happy. self-love is spending the quality time you spend on yourself rather than anyone else. treat yourself by pampering yourself with a self-care routine like spa day, movie night, taking yourself out on a date, shopping, etc. once you stop depending on others to make you feel loved, you will definitely stop depending on them to not make you feel lonely. clear thoughts during this process could help in a lot of ways, as one can stop thinking of the past.

don’t get yourself lost in the empty void of social media

social media is definitely the number one cause for an individual to find themselves lonely or even fall into depression. social media always shows the bigger and better picture of others, and this could disturb the thoughts of an individual’s idea of life. this would begin the comparison of the two worlds.

don’t rely on dating to make you feel better

many start to date just to fill the empty void in their lives as they feel quite lonely and are desperately in need of a human connection. this could be beneficial, but could also take an ugly turn. as previously stated, we shouldn’t depend on others to make ourselves feel happy or loved. therefore, dating someone just for the sake of it could distort your mental health and theirs in this process.

take care of yourself!
live aastey!