how to choose just the right leggings size

if you are in search of the perfect leggings, it is important to look for the right leggings sizes and fit. whether you want to wear them to the gym or for running errands, you need a pair with optimum coverage, comfort, and what offers ease of movement. sadly, when it comes to clothing, we already know that there is no ‘one size fits all’. leggings are no exception.

tips to choose the right leggings size

you may find your perfect size and fit in one brand while you may have a totally different size in another. as there are no standardized fits and sizes for leggings across all brands, it might be a struggle to make the right choice. after all, you don’t want to end up with too loose or too tight-fitting leggings. here are some tips to make things easier for you:

  • keep your normal pants size in mind

your leggings sizes should not be the same as that of your regular pants. however, starting with your normal size of pants is a good point to start from. if you buy small-sized pants, you are most likely to not need an extra-large pair of leggings. you can refer to different leggings measurement charts of brands and then refer to an international size conversion format to make things easier and more accurate.

  • take your measurements

after getting a general idea of which leggings size will be right for you, it’s time to take things to the next level. take your measurements and do that before breakfast so that bloating doesn’t mess up with your statistics. start by measuring your waist, followed by your hips, inseam, the inside of the thigh till the ankle bone, as well as the circumference of your thigh.  the measurement will help you to decide if you want medium size leggings or something smaller or bigger than that.

  • check out the fabrics

now, the kind of fabric that you must go for will totally depend on the intended use of the leggings. while you will need tight-fitting leggings for your gym sessions, loose leggings will be perfect for casual wear.

the type of fabric will also have a say in deciding the leggings size due to their stretchability. there are leggings that are tight and restrictive while there are also leggings which are very stretchy and loose. so, you need to keep the purpose and fabric in mind while picking the right legging sizes for you.

don’t forget the strict no-nos

now that you know what to do for choosing the right leggings sizes, it’s time to discuss what you should absolutely not do. 

  • be it tight or loose leggings, they must absolutely not be translucent. while tight leggings workout are good for exercise, if your skin is visible through the fabric when you bend, squat or stretch, the leggings are too tight for you. either go one size up or try another material.
  • if the fabric pools up too much around the crotch region, it is an indication that you are wearing too loose leggings. then, you must go for one size down. on the contrary, if a camel toe appears on that region, your leggings are too tight and you need to size up.
  • if your leggings pull or pinch when you are walking or practising yoga, you have picked the wrong size for yourself. study the leggings measurement charts carefully to avoid this problem.
  • you must always remember that the right size of leggings will fit you like a glove. the pair will be so comfortable and snug that it will almost feel like your second skin. 

how do i know if my leggings are too big?

it is important to understand if your leggings fit you well or not. a size too big will defeat the purpose of buying leggings in the first place. here is how you can tell if your leggings are too big:

  • if your leggings sizes are too big, they will slide down. make sure they fit you snugly so that even when you jump or bend, they don’t move down.
  • your leggings should have no bagginess or wrinkles when you wear them. baggy leggings mean you picked a size too big for you. if they hang loosely on your body, the leggings are not tight enough for you.
  • if your leggings don’t hug your legs snugly, they are big for you. you must always pick a snug fit as they stretch over time due to washing and wearing. they need to be gently tight on your body to give you the proper shape as well as ease of movement.

how do i know if my leggings are too small?

when you are trying your leggings, there are certain tell-tale signs to figure out if your leggings are too small for you. some of them are:

  • you are having a hard time getting into them. if it’s difficult to slide them up without too much shimmying or wriggling, they are too tight for you. they need to slide over your legs smoothly.
  • they fit you so tight that they start digging in around your waist. if your leggings from a “muffin top” or leave red marks on your waist, you need to size up immediately. it has to fit you and be comfortable at the same time.
  • your leggings become see-through. your workout clothes, especially your leggings, should not become transparent when you bend, squat or simply move around. if that happens, that means your leggings sizes are way too tight which is making the fabric stretch too thin.

how should leggings fit at the ankle?

different lengths of leggings will sit around your ankle differently. some of them may not even reach down to the level of your ankle. here are some different lengths of leggings:

  • full-length leggings will give you full coverage, going below your ankle and stopping just above your footwear.
  • ankle-length leggings are of 7/8 length and they will sit right above your ankle. therefore, the skin between the legging cuff and the footwear will be visible.
  • cropped leggings go a little below your knees and expose a little bit of the lower calf.

do workout leggings stretch out over time?

yes, workout leggings are bound to stretch out over time. this happens mainly due to these reasons:

  • if you keep wearing them, the elastic will start loosening up and they will also stretch to fit your body. the more the leggings are worn, the quicker they will stretch out.
  • if your leggings have spandex in them, they will stretch by your body heat especially if you move around a lot wearing them. the stretching will happen more around the broader regions of your body. lunges, downward dogs or simple walking can also make the leggings stretch over time.
  • while hot water causes shrinkage in leggings, cold water loosens and stretches them up. so, if you think your leggings are slightly tight, you can wash them in cold water.

by following these easy do’s and don’ts, you will be able to pick the perfect size of leggings with zero hassles. always remember, your leggings need to hug your legs like a bodycon dress hugs the upper part of the body. keep all the key pointers in your mind the next time you are shopping for leggings and you will end up with the best pair in no time.