how to celebrate a safe and sustainable holi?

hey tribe!

happy holi!

it’s the time of year when we get the time to meet our loved ones and have some coloruful fun. but, while we love partying and enjoying in all ways possible, we also believe that we should not forget to try and party more sustainably.

we believe that it is important to be sustainable, not just wearing sustainable clothing but being sustainable in every aspect of your life.

so here are some easy ways to make your holi safe and sustainable

use natural colours

synthetic Holi colours are made up of cheap and toxic substances, including pieces of glass that can be very harmful to your eyes, hair, and skin. here are some ways to make your own colours at home.

for making the yellow colour, you can use turmeric or haldi.
if you want to make yourself some green colour, then add spinach, mint and neem leaves to boiling water. leave it overnight and you will have home-made green ready for you.

    avoid using water

    holi is the festival of colours but many of us confuse it with the festival of water. according to research, one person might be using 30 litres of water on average during holi. say around 5 lakh persons play with water, then around 150 lakh litres of water is wasted in just one day. that is too much water to be wasted when many people all across the country do not have access to clean water. so, say no to water bombs and plastic balloons. there are a lot of other ways to have fun.  

    celebrate a dry holi

    using pichkaris or water guns is also wasteful and also pollutes the environment when you throw water that is mixed with harmful chemical colours.

    use flowers to play Holi

    to make your holi sustainable, colourful and charming, celebrate with flowers instead colours. marigold, jasmine, tulips and much more. they are more colours than you can ever find in a shop. but don’t forget to dispose of the flowers properly after the party is over.

    organize an art workshop

    colours don’t have to be just for people. you can also organize an art party, where people come and paint together; mixing colour and enjoying food and drinks (obviously).

    here were a few tips we wanted to share. have a very safe, consensual and happy holi.

    with love, live aastey!