How did athleisure become the go-to outfit during COVID?

the pandemic has changed us. one day we woke up and going out was not an option. going out for a workout or sitting in our favourite café. it was all gone. all too suddenly, our traditional work clothes gave way to more comfortable clothes. some of us just started pulling morning to night in pyjamas because comfort and warmth became more important.

the rise of athleisure

people realized that they do not need to let go of comfort if wanted to look stylish and they certainly did not need to sacrifice their flair for style to feel comfortable. after all, feeling comfortable in what we wear should be basic. this boosted the trend towards wearing athletic wear or what we now call athleisure. it is functional all hours of the day whether you want to attend a morning zoom meeting or a Netflix-n-chill session with friends on the weekend.

even before the pandemic had hit, Refinery29 had stated in 2020 that people will prioritize comfort and cosiness in the coming year. the shift in the trend wasn’t only about the pandemic, but also because people wanted their clothes to resonate with the values they stood for values like sustainability and wellness. athleisure wear perfectly aligns itself with these values.

it's a woman’s world

even though athleisure wear is made for men and women, it has become the go-to for today’s women. the trend has been a monumental step forward in defining gender identities, especially when it comes to popular cultural values related to “femininity”

women began to choose athleisure and activewear because it gave them more freedom to move while being functional all throughout the day. however, while the athleisure industry did bring forward the value of comfort above all, it is still struggling in many areas like size inclusivity. many women are still stigmatized when they wear athleisure because of the way they look. for instance, in 2013, lululemon founder chip Wilson stated that their brand’s leggings did not work for larger body types.

at aastey, we don’t just want to commit to making the most comfortable and sustainable athleisure but also make sure it is available for all sizes. because we cannot let society dictate how we should look and feel.

because you deserve better.

be you! live aastey!