how archies shaped our childhood?

hey tribe!

believe it or not, we are going to talk about some of the fondest memories of our childhood today!

any guesses?

reading archies guys! archie and the gang just chilling and having milkshakes. wish we could go back and do that.

what does it mean to be an archie fan? well, simply reading pages and pages of comics as instantly as we could get our hands on them and then eagerly waiting to get our hands on the next one.

reminiscing with archies comics



archies comics not only embodies the coming-of-age story we all wanted and fantasised but it reminds us of a time lost; of summer vacations of ice candies; of staring outside the window for hours and doing nothing; of swimming and running and eating delicious home cooked food. it's about friends that stick with you through good and bad. it's about innocence and budding romance; that first look that attracts you to someone.

ever evolving


no matter the time you were growing up, archie and the gang have stayed in the same high school for the last 80 years. they are the symbol of ever-green youth and even if the stories and contexts keep changing, our beloved characters have remained the same high school children.

it appeals to readers of all ages because the depictions are so relatable to the challenges and struggles we face while growing up. whether it is the curiosity of new love or the struggle of figuring your identity.

it is because of these elements that archie will remain evergreen and every generation will pass it on to the next. what are your thoughts on archie and the gang? do you have a favourite character, or do you love them all? tell us by tagging us @liveaastey

until next time, have fun…take it slow and live aastey.