here's your ultimate road trip playlist

hey tribe! 

it’s almost the road trip season 🚘🌦 

we’ve put together a bunch of classic road trip songs for you to groove, sing your heart out and make the best memories with your loved ones!

Khaabon ke parinday

this song is like a glass of old wine. Just gets better with age. 

Alyssa Mendonsa's voice is just a symphony to ears. Such an absolute goddess. The entire scene is just ethereal! And Mohit Chauhan’s voice is like a cherry on top!

Aao milo chale

Shaan's voice has swooned us for years and this song is just one of his best. While travelling alone is wonderful, sharing the experience with someone significant makes it so much more pleasant. This lovely song depicts how even the most boring journey can become joyful, when taken with someone special. It’s absolutely heartwarming and amazing!

Love you zindagi

this song is an emotion which wraps up everything that the movie represents! It ticks all the right boxes about self-love, forgetting your worries and living your best. Jasleen Royal’s voice has a rent free spot in our head & heart!

Maahi ve

4 minutes of absolute tranquillity and bliss. It has such a special vibe, extremely light and perfect. 

AR Rehman just transports you into a parallel universe! Truly a legend of a singer.

Yun hi chala chal 

you can't help but tap your feet to the tunes of A R Rehman’s music while taking in the scenic beauty of the trip. The travel playlist is just incomplete without this classic from Bollywood.

Kailash Kher's performance is truly where the soul of this song lies. No one else can put 'preet', 'geet' and 'jeet' together quite like this. It’s a massive masterpiece!


If you listen to lucky Ali, know that you have an A1 level music taste! Just the right song you’d wanna play driving through an empty highway. It’s like a shot of dopamine we’ve always needed! The flow is so smooth and the lyrics are damn wholesome.

Zindagi do pal ki 

KK’s voice is literally the equivalent of a big tight hug. This song’s so endearing that it will stay in your head for a lifetime. Simply flawless! you just know that if you’ve felt KK’s songs, nothing will ever be enough.


It’s a gem of a song which needs to be protected at all costs!

Put on your headphones, turn up the volume and sit back on your seat for the best experience. Lucky Ali’s heavenly voice will heal your nomadic heart!

Journey Song

A sunny midday + besties + a long drive + this song = Heaven
We wholeheartedly love this one! 
“Hum chale baharon mein, Gungunati raahon mein 

Dhadkane bhi tez hain, Ab kya karein.. “ feels like your soul is in heaven, isn’t it?! nothing beats the charm of Anupam Roy’s and Shreya Goshal’s voice on the road!

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we would be happy to add them to the list! 
Until next time folks! Enjoy your long drive and live aastey!