here's a lst of the perfect rainy day reads

"the person who deserves the most pity is a lonesome one on a rainy day who doesn't know how to read." benjamin franklin

snuggling under your bed and reading an amusing book is the best way to spend your monsoon days. the books could be of any genre, but the most popular would be of the romantic variety, as love is abundant during the monsoon season. here are a few reads that are totally recommended for a perfect rainy day!

the notebook by nicholas sparks

many of you may recognise the notebook as a movie, but let’s not forget that it is a beautifully adapted film of a book. this long-burn romance is a perfect monsoon read as it speaks about the yearning of two lovers who reunite and spend their entire lives together and take their last breath together as well.

rain in the mountains: notes from the himalayas by ruskin bond

a collection of essays, poems, stories, and snippets written by ruskin bond, who lived in the himalayas . through vivid images and lucid writing, bond evokes the everyday sights and sounds and captures the essence of mountain life. to know more about the lives of the people living in the hill station, grab the book and experience the monsoon in the himalayas while sitting in bed.

twilight by stephenie meyer

are you team edward or team jacob? a story about a young girl who gets stuck in a love triangle between a vampire and a werewolf, who apparently are mortal enemies. this is a book series consisting of five books. each book gets more intense with every read.

stormy petrel-by mary stewart

this fictional love story centres on rose fenemore and two total strangers. rose resides in a cottage on the island of moila. she discovers two visitors in her kitchen one rainy day. stormy petrels, delicate, elusive birds that hover near the water, come to represent rose's perplexity and the uncertainty of her future as the truth about the two men comes to light.

everything everything by nicole yoon

the debut book by nicola yoon is just what you need during this monsoon. this is a lovely love story. this book is a story of love that will make you smile, cry, and laugh. the vignettes, diary entries, and graphics that guide you through the plot are what make it so appealing.

jane eyre by charlotte bronte

there was no chance to go for a walk that day. as the title suggests, jane eyre is a book that begins both physically and figuratively in the rain and closes with the words, "the rain is finished and gone, and there is a tender gleaming after it." it makes sense to choose to read (or reread) a beloved classic on a cosy wet day. the intricacies of light and shade are there in jane eyre, which may be read extensively for its symbolism or simply appreciated as a wonderful novel.

happy reading folks!
live aastey!