here are some fashion tips for travelling sustainably

what is the first thing you think about when you decide on a destination for your next trip? clothes. obviously.

travelling can have a heavy impact on the environment, and the clothes we decide to wear play a very important role. 

so, here are a few things that you should try to make your travel experience more sustainable:

pack only what you need

it is always inevitable to get confused about how much you need to pack for your holiday. but overpacking would only get in your way as it slows you down and increases your consumption.

so, take a while to plan your clothes according to the number of days you are going and try to not change outfits several times in a single day.

choose wisely

you don’t have to buy new clothes to go on a trip. plan new styles with what you already have.

chances are you already have cute tops that go well with several of your bottoms. so, mix and match clothes and you might find a different look for every occasion.

you could also buy second hand if you have to buy something new for that special day on the trip.

if it's cold weather, then make sure you have matched your tops to go well with your outer layers. neutral colours like black and grey work wonders.

 solid colours are the best

solid colours work best while planning to create different looks. so, choose a solid colour for either your top or your bottom.

choose a theme according to the colours you have. could be light or dark, depending on your mood. but be sure to stick to that theme.

choosing to be sustainable takes effort and time, so don’t worry too much if you can’t immediately reduce your clothes and match everything.

building a sustainable wardrobe takes time. the first step will go a long way.

live sustainable! live aastey!