healing the planet; one step at a time: growing food in the desert

have you ever heard of making water out of air? does that sound even remotely possible? Well, if it doesn’t sound possible then continue reading. in February, Dubai’s World Expo brought 190 countries to showcase their sustainable innovations and vision.

In this series of articles, we talk about some of the most hopeful innovations in the field of sustainability that goes beyond the fashion industry. After all, achieving a sustainable lifestyle is not only about the clothes. It is about a world that lives in coexistence with nature.

Netherlands came through with the most innovative and cutting-edge sustainable solution. its pavilion had a centrepiece which was an 18-meter-tall, cone-shaped vertical farm. its aim is to unite water, food and energy which allows farming at places at high temperatures, even in places with too much heat like the desert heat of Dubai.

the cone at the top of the chimney sucks in air to capture the moisture and then produces water with the help of condensation. This entire process is powered by solar panels which are installed on the rooftop. The process also creates high levels of carbon dioxide, so it makes it an ideal place to grow other kinds of food.

the architects of this creation believe that the adoption of this technology can help grow food in places where there is not a lot of space, like large cities and make them self-sufficient. They can also help in repurposing old and abandoned buildings. Whether this technology becomes a part of the mainstream or remains a showpiece in an Expo will make all the difference between how we face climate change and the pressures of producing more food in extreme climates.

until next time, live aastey!