The way we decided to manifest aastey might seem random on the outside but to us once we realized how universally something like this is required, it turned into a no brainer that this is something we must attempt to create.
Everything since then is a pure labour of love. 
aastey vibe
When we met both founders were at over multiple zoom calls during the pandemic the emerging theme being that as women we associate so much of our self worth with the clothes we wear. Ultimately we let a number define how we feel about ourselves and that’s not what self love should be about.  
This is the reason we are so determined and motivated to create a movement like aastey. Where people can separate their self worth from a label on their t-shirt. The bigger picture is what we hope to change. 
There is no way for us to not prioritize something that we feel so strongly about. Also, when one of us was doing 3 jobs to make aastey happen, the other was smuggling in technology during a retreat for mind peace after a career break just to work on aastey. 
Lets skip the ruthless hours of research, pain, downfalls and competitive analysis; we always knew we are cut out to build aastey, together. 
Even our first hire is an epitome of women power. She is 23, doing a Bachelor of Fashion Design with a two year old kid, a husband and a full time job! 
We are a team of young, dedicated women who invent, dream and ultimately #liveaastey! 
If you resonate with our vibe or feel the need to contribute to this movement please write to us at