breaking gender barriers, standing up for diversity and inclusivity, saying no to labels, and valuing individual expression. all these have become the character traits of gen z. it’s obvious that a generation so set in changing the ways will not compromise when it comes to their fashion choices.

with trendsetters like Billie Eilish, there is no doubt that we will get to see some unique fashion trends from this generation. here are some of the gen z trends that might go big this year:

windbreakers are back

remember the jackets that were like raincoats but not really? they are back and they are as weightless as ever. the colours are bright, bold and nothing less. neon is the best when it comes to these trendy jackets.

 bold whacky colours

speaking of bold and bright, the gen z is not one to shy away from mixing and experimenting with colours that are not usually worn together. pink and orange. purple and neon green. nothing is too much. only your imagination is your limit.

The 90s are back for good

millennials had a plan. a plan to leave behind the 90s and never look back but as trends go, the gen z is not ready to write it off just yet. we have been speculating for a while now but the 90s really are back. overalls, oversized shirts, waistcoats, tinted sunglasses and butterfly clips. everything is up for grabs.

g = gen z = genderless

like we said this generation believes in making a statement because they believe in the causes that they stand for, and one of those is inclusivity and gender fluidity. the generation is choosing shapeless oversized clothes like sleeveless shirts and baggy Hawaiian shirts. reports suggest that gen z might not be ready to spend their money on brands that are designing clothes with just one particular sex in mind.

aastey believes in creating a space where you can feel comfortable with whatever you wear because no one should have the authority to dictate how we feel about ourselves. our gender fluid jacket and brave black t follow the ethos of shapeless and genderless and it is just the beginning.

with a generation that is ready to take on age-old stereotypes, these trends are bound to keep changing and evolving. all we can do is create a space of acceptance and love. because you deserve better.

stay happy! live aastey!