winters are a time to be cozy on your sofa and drink a hot beverage but it is also the time to celebrate the holiday season with your friends and family. if there is one thing that goes well with holiday cheer is planning your winter look.

well then let’s get you ready with the latest trends for your winter wardrobe.

wear them baggy

baggy denim jeans are here to stay with a 90’s fashion resurgence. this year, loose-fit baggy jeans could be the best fit for your thanksgiving dinner while you are chomping on your all-time favourite recipes.

what’s even better is that you can style them with any kind of top; whether it be cropped, oversized, short or long.

go for the classic turtleneck

turtlenecks are always there if you want to look classy and casual at the same time at your thanksgiving gathering. pair them with skirts for a casual evening.

you can also style it with a pair of boot-cut jeans or straight-legged trousers to get the perfect polished look.

brown is the new black

caramel, chocolate brown, coffee brown, and it keeps going. the earthy brown has taken a big step up this year.

appealing to the current trends of natural beauty and minimalism, brown is rocking it in jackets, coats, pants, and boots. this will be a perfect addition to your thanksgiving wardrobe. they are easy to style and pair with different colours.

on board the leather train

if you are aiming for priceless and timeless, leather is the material for you. having leather in your wardrobe adds that extra zing that you might be missing.

it can be an oversized leather jacket or a very sexy leather pant. it has the ability to bring out your style on any occasion, whether it is day or night, party time with friends or colleagues. it works both ways, and isn’t that just the best thing ever?

wearing the perfect outfit that reflects your personality is not the only thing one wants for thanksgiving but it is definitely an added bonus.

so, let’s hope that this holiday season, you make the best of your wardrobe and be comfortable with yourself.

happy winters! live aastey!