The world is still struggling with a deadly pandemic and it has changed everything. the way we look at our lives. our past. our future. our present. The fashion industry is no different. research shows that, unlike before, when fashion trends were rigid, people are now much more open to ideas. to think outside the box.

so, nothing is set in stone anymore. pick and choose from these trends, or don’t pick at all. whatever makes you feel the most comfortable, the most you.

The 2000s are coming back

Just like we guessed it before, the 2000s are making a comeback. mini-skirts are back, and you can go shorter than ever. low-rise jeans or trousers might also be something you want to pick up as your fashion-comfort statement.

sequins, metallics and everything shiny

while sequins and glitter used to be saved for special occasions, we are realising that doesn’t have to be the case. so don’t wait for the right moment to light up the room with that high shine. your right moment is whenever you want it to be.

bright and bold colours

we are going bolder with the colours, because why not. the brighter hues and colours are going to be in fashion this year. if you feel, you are missing some adventure in your style, then don’t be afraid to have a blast with the boldest and the brightest. you know, you will look awesome in it.

white could be the new black

hey, but like we have been saying all this time: there is no one way to be you. so, if bright colours are not your thing. it’s no problem at all since all-white is here will be staying in for the long haul. colour or no colour, the key is to have a blast.

gender fluidity

we have been waiting for this to go mainstream for a while now, and finally, our wait will be over. one of the most awaited trends for 2022 is the gender-fluid trend, where both genders can wear one look and still be their own person. versatile designs could be the shining feature in the coming year.

aastey truly believes in gender fluidity and stands not only for the concept of body positivity but also that there is no one way to look good. it all depends on who you want to be. gender is just a construct best left behind in 2021.

so here are our picks for the fashion trends that you need to look at. play around with them or make your own.

all we want is for you to have a great year ahead.

take care and live aastey!