What is a bikini? According to the Cambridge dictionary, it is a “two-piece swimsuit for women”. That is it.  

Nowhere does it say that bikini is made for a certain body type or there are certain rules which apply to be able to put it on. There’s no mention of a size 0, flat stomach, or toned thighs. Thigh gap, chub rub, petite, curvy, stomach rolls, flat stomach, tall, short, human? Just put on a bikini, and voilà you have a bikini body!

Women with different body types showing us every body is a bikini body

Somewhere along the way we forgot that the bikini was made for the body and not the other way around. 

Somewhere along the years, we forgot that clothes are shaped according to bodies and not the other way around. This has led women to force their bodies into the idealistic standards set by fashion and clothing producers. A perpetuating cycle that stems from this magazine culture leads to body shaming and stops us from celebrating our individuality and keeps us from achieving amazing tans! The internet is flooded with articles like, "Workout plan to achieve bikini body" or "Diet plan to achieve summer body." This faux inspiration to workout does nothing more than making us feel under-confident about our own bodies. We should workout and follow meal plans to become a healthier version of ourselves and not merely to fit in. Social media is a reel highlight which makes us believe that we need to look a certain way or lose weight to look good. Let's debunk this reel highlight and embrace our perfect selves just the way we are.

It is time we start accepting ourselves and feel comfortable in our bodies while also preparing to demand higher standards from our bikinis! Because it is literally their job to support us. Remember, every body is a bikini body. You have a bikini body, whether you choose to wear one or not. Let us celebrate the commencement of body positivity. We want you to love your body and hit the beach with confidence (next year though, since it is Covid season this time!) 

Summer vibes

We are so ready for live aastey vibes this summer

As summer 2021 quickly approaches this year for the first time, we are not undergoing typical bikini panic because it honestly feels like swimsuit season has been canceled, thanks to Covid-19. However, we know that this panic does not extend only to bikini’s so feel free to reach out if you relate. 

Let's live aastey.